Merrry {late} Christmas!

I know it’s a little belated but I had to post these pictures! Does this make me a crazy cat lady? (yes.) And I am just fine with that.
Hope everyone is having a great Holiday 🙂 New Years Resolution is more blog posts, so be ready!
xx – krystena


Glitter Candle Tutorial

While searching for ideas for Christmas gifts I came across a tutorial to create glitter candles. Being a girl and loving anything involving a little sparkle I had to make these for myself. It also was inspiration for the perfect gift for my best friend (who also shares an obsession with glitter). 
This craft could not be easier! Just purchase (or make) an amazing smelling candle, grab some Mod Podge and your favorite glitter. 
First take the candles and remove any stickers around the edges

Next paint the candle with a generous amount of Mod Podge around the sides. Make sure there is enough to hold the sparkles!
This is the fun part. Dump the glitter all over the candle and shake off the excess! Then Voila, A perfect glitter candle. You have the option of doing a top coat to keep the glitter from coming off but I skipped this because I thought it takes away some of the shine.
Happy Holidays!

xx- krystena

On Display

So my heel collection has increasingly grown out of control. (Admittance is the first step). To the point where I couldn’t navigate through my closet. So taking some inspiration from Pinterest, I decided to turn an old unused bookcase into a shoe display!
It really is the perfect way for me to not only choose what shoes I want to wear, but also create a beautiful display in an awkward unused corner of my room that I have been struggling to place the perfect item in since I moved in about five years ago. 

I think this is an amazing way to show off all the beautiful and amazing heels we all have hiding in our closets, and it can be done with any style of book case!

Hope this adds some inspiration to your closets

xx – krystena