Current Obsessions

  1. Cookie Butter 
  2. Black Tie Manicure
  3. Bellami Extensions
  4. Glam Glow Face Mask

So recently  I have been spending a lot of time scouring the internet, I mean taking great notes in class. I have come across some pretty amazing products that I am dying to try! One is Bellami Hair extensions I found through Cara Loren. {PS check her blog out its such an inspiration}.  Her extensions blend so well and from what I’ve read online everyone is loving the quality. I am in the market for some new hair so I might be ordering myself a pair soon!

Next up on my wishlist is the Glam Glow cleaning treatment mask. Wow, this stuff looks amazing. I have also been stalking beauty bloggers and there has been nothing but great reviews about this! Seems like the miracle clearing treatment. I plan on heading to Sephora this weekend and getting some for myself, I’ll follow up with how I like it later on.

Two words. Cookie. Butter. It lives up to all the hype and if you haven’t tried it yet you are seriously missing out. I’ve been eating it with cut up apples for “dessert” lately and I have already finished a jar to myself. So yah, go buy some.

And Finally, How adorable is this manicure?! Little suits I die. I wonder if my nail lady can do this with shellac?

Have a Great Week Everyone!

xx- krystena