Torri Toggle

The other day I received my Torri Toggle for my iPhone! I am so obsessed with this adorable little gem. It is the perfect way to add a little sparkle to your everyday item and customize it according to your personal taste. I really like the ones that Torri sells because they are such high quality and really sparkle in the light!


I wish that my camera would catch how clear and pretty the toggle sparkles but in real life my gem looks a lot like a little disco ball. Its like a little party on my iPhone! I love it when it catches the light and makes pretty rainbows!

Check out Torri’s Instgram and Storenvy for more of her creative products!
 {Currently wanting one of her customer license plate covers ;)}

xx- krystena


Glam Glow Follow-Up

Recently I posted about my obsession with the GlamGlow SuperMud and how much I wanted to try it. Last weekend I finally made it to Sephora to get a sample and try it.

First of all I am going to go on a small tangent about how much I LOVE Sephora. I have the most amazing experiences with the customer service here and every employee is so helpful and knowledgeable. My last few visits have been so positive that I have been going here exclusively for any beauty products and questions. This is coming from a former MAC-aholic, where for years these were the sole products I would use. Recently though, I started feeling like the employees there were not really answering my questions and giving me the right products so I branched out to Sephora and I am so happy that I did. 

So back to the products. When I walked in I was greeted and asked if I needed any help and I mentioned my interest in the GlamGlow SuperMud. He brought me right to it and asked if I wanted a sample {which I did}. He gave me an overview of the product and asked if I was interested in skin care and anti-aging {which I was}. Then he provided me a sample of the most life changing product I have ever used. 

Dermadoctor Physical Chemistry. I can’t recommend this product enough. {seriously everyone go buy this!} I tried the Mud Mask first and was not all that impressed. My skin did not feel silky smooth and I didn’t notice a huge difference in the pores or my skin. Two days later I tried the Physical Chemistry scrub. OMG. My skin was dull and breaking out a little before. After it was bright and smooth and soft! I actually saw a before and after difference after just ONE use. This is not usual for my skin. And the results last for days. It recommends use twice weekly which I have been following and I can seriously see the difference it has made. 

I really encourage anyone looking for a multi-use product to invest in this! It clears, brightens, and also helps reduce the aging process! For only $5 more than the GlamGlow Mud I think this is well worth it.

Thank you Sephora man for helping me find the most amazing product in my life!

Go try it friends!

xx – krystena