Spring Cleaning

So with the recent warm weather I have been inspired to clean up my life and get everything organized after the winter months. Beginning with something important to keep clean… Makeup Brushes! 

This is something that I have vowed to try to do more regularly and recently have been consistently cleaning them whenever I see a build up of old makeup on them. This is not only more sanitary to do, but is also better for your skin! I have definitely noticed less breakouts after keeping my brushes clean (which I have to admit has not been a strong point of mine in the past, opps!)
Materials Needed:
~ Dish Soap
~ Extra Virgin Olive Oil
~ Towel
~ Old Small Plate (Note the cracked edges & elves lol )
~ Dirty Brushes

1. First place a drop of each soap and oil onto plate
2. Swirl brush around to get makeup off
3. Rinse Brush in lukewarm water
4. Repeat until Clean
5. Lay flat to dry on towel

Thats about it. Easy Peasy, right! 🙂

xo – krystena