Week 1 Update

Days 1-7 are checked off my list and I am really proud of myself and mama for staying on track with our Whole30 eating. Trust me it was not easy, but a week into this and I already am feeling better and healthier. A few things I learned so far about my own eating habits is that I snack A LOT. I noticed this now that I’m eating three meals a day because I didn’t really do that before. I think I was just snacking all day, which has been a hard habit to come out of! But now that I’ve been making three yummy, healthy meals a day I feel more full and don’t have as much of a desire to snack.


One thing I noticed was that by the end of the day I am more tired and actually ready to crawl in bed. I usually have a problem relaxing and allowing myself to fall asleep at night. Now that I’m a week into this I noticed I’m tired at a decent hour and able to fall asleep after laying down, which before I wasn’t able to sleep until 1-2 am no matter how tired I was. I am really happy with this improvement, yay sleep!


Another thing I noticed was its actually really easy to make healthy choices when going out with friends and family. On Day 3 it was my Dad’s birthday so we went to a Padres game. Day 3 is a tough day anyway{that was being nice.. Day 3 SUCKS, watch out}, let alone being surrounded by hot dogs and nachos, which are my favs. But, I ended up finding a salad with kale and avocado that was so yummy I almost forgot how bad I wanted to snatch that hot dog out of my Dad’s hands lol. Also, on Day 6 I went to a country concert with friends and tailgated with everyone. I was a little apprehensive about not being able to drink and have fun, but I made myself a “mock-tail” of flavored water and seltzer water and I was just as happy. Plus, being sober around drunk people is GREAT for people watching!


I’m not going to lie though, I had cravings this week I never usually have. At one point I almost broke down and bought myself some ice cream. I found myself daydreaming of frosting, chocolate, cupcakes, you name it, but like the book said the cravings only last a minute or two so just tough it out!  Also, I was onnee grumpy lady on Days 2-4. I think that was my body’s response to no more sugar. I was a sugarless monster. But, like everything else that phase passed and I’m feeling bright and shiny {that was a grey’s reference}.

Overall this week flew by! Wish us luck on Week 2 of the Whole30!

xx krystena



I don’t know about you, but eating healthy and clean always makes me feel like a million bucks. However, it is SO easy to get off track and start eating yucky food because it is “easier”, when in reality a little food prep can go a long way! I can see where I got off track. It all started with getting a late night meal here or there, maybe a soda or a cupcake.. then next thing I know the guy at the drive through recognizes me {that happened}. I kept justifying my eating habits by thinking, “I work out so it cancels out” or “I’ll eat better on Monday”. Well those excuses aren’t going to fly around here anymore!

Today my mom and I are starting a 30 day eating overhaul. It’s called the Whole30 and it focuses on eating healthy food to reset your body. It eliminates junk from your diet like sugars and alcohol {I’ll miss you wine} among a lot of other things and helps you get back on track to a healthy lifestyle and body! It has sooo many benefits from detoxifying {duh}, to reducing inflammation, stress, hormone levels, the list goes on and on! We picked up the book at the local Barnes & Nobel and after reading through it we are obsessed. I know it won’t be an easy task but I am up to the challenge of bettering myself and my life.

I will be updating my blog at the end of each week outlining our experiences along with keeping myself accountable for staying on track!

Let me know if anyone else has tried this lifestyle change or if you want to join us in this month long journey 🙂

xx krystena