Sweaty Saturday

There is so much to do in San Diego, its such a shame to sit at home and not get out there! SO a part of my New Years goals {I don’t like the sound of resolutions} was to take advantage of my weekends and explore my own home town of San Diego.

On Saturday my Mom and I decided to go check out the running trails around Balboa Park.


Balboa Park is such a gorgeous place and I’ve always enjoyed the architecture surrounding the area. I definitely recommend checking it out if you haven’t had the chance to walk around and explore! There are marked trails and we chose to try for the 4.1 mile stretch or #2 trail. It wasn’t as hard as I expected {AKA I didn’t die} and its always fun to get some sunshine and exercise on a pretty Saturday!



A map of the trails! We took the Yellow #2 trail

After our run we were craving something healthy to top it off so we did a quick search of some juice places in the area. We found on Yelp a place called Juice Alchemy, which was right down the street from the park.



We chose to get the Meanie Greenie & PB+C. Let me tell you, those were SUCH great juice smoothies for after a run! I am definitely going to hit this place up again when I am in the area or if I just need a tasty, healthy refresher. The staff was so sweet and helpful when we were deciding upon what to get! I was afraid the green drink would be not so tasty/bitter but it was DELICIOUS. Also the PB+C was like dessert 🙂


Overall it was such a perfect Saturday afternoon and I felt so refreshed! It is so nice to get out of the apartment on a sunny day and enjoy some exercise and tasty treats with a friend!


Mom and I even took a #SweatySelfie after our run since we were so proud of making it the whole 4 miles!

Okay friends, now its your turn to get out this weekend and get moving!

Let me know what you think or where you are sweating at that I should check out next.

xx – krystena



Spot On

Happy New Year everyone! Personally I started 2016 out on a high note and things have continued to get better and better! I’ve been hit with a new wave of inspiration and creativity and can’t wait to start putting all my new ideas out on the blog. The first thing I have been wanting to do is start a new segment on spots in San Diego that are my favorites. Living in a city with so much to offer, I’ve been trying to get out there and try new places. I’ve been grabbing my girls and eating/drinking/being merry at these tasty little gems! The first one on my list to share is Fig Tree Cafe. This is THE ideal brunch spot for the girls {or boys} on Sunday morning.

One of the most important things for a place to be Spot On for me is the atmosphere. I love going places where the creators put some effort in making a special place to spend time at. I mean who wants to sit around at a plain jane spot? {not me}. So what makes Fig Tree Cafe so special to me is their atmosphere. My personal favorite location is the Pacific Beach location. Vibes are on point. When you walk in you feel like you are in a hidden little jungle or maybe a tree house. The tables are all placed about among the trees and what makes it extra special is it is pet friendly, so bring your pup to lunch!




What’s on the menu? Breakfast foods, sandwiches, salads, coffees, and cocktails! I can personally speak to how amazing the man candy is. I mean who couldn’t use a little man candy in their life {amiright}. This is basically brown sugar coated bacon and if its even possible to get better they put this little bacony delight in a bloody mary {gasp}. So don’t miss out on this one. If you are feeling some pain from the night before I also recommend getting a flight of antioxidant shots, they’re amazing!

Foodwise I haven’t tried the lunch options, but I have not been disappointed with the breakfast! I loved the soy chorizo scramble, but also have gotten the California omelette and it was on point. Recommendations from friends include the huevos rancheros and breakfast sushi!


Hope you guys go out there and check this spot out if you haven’t already, it won’t disappoint!

Info: http://figtreeeatery.com


xx – krystena

Band-Aid: Episode 1

So, for whatever reason the universe aligned and this week is full of AMAZING artists coming to San Diego. Since I am going to see so many great acts and music this week I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to share with everyone my thoughts on everything. First up was Monday night at the House of Blues. Kodaline headlined with Good Old War opening up. Overall it was a pretty good concert! If you haven’t heard of Kodaline before I highly recommend looking them up and listening to a few songs! {favorite songs: All I Want, High Hopes & Love Like This}.

Since it was a Monday night I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect crowd-wise. Luckily we got there early and had a good spot on the side of the stage where we could see. Since it was a Monday night it never got too crowded, but there was a fair about of teenage girls people there. I say this jokingly, but not really. Demographic there was definitely girls 16-20. They provided some great fashion inspiration, though! Everyone was dressed so cute for a concert it was almost like a little fashion show. Obviously here is where I mention my outfit. Concert-wear is always tricky, but since it was still 87 degrees outside I wore jeans and a white tank to be comfy and hide if I became a sweaty betty {y’all know how it is}.


Honestly I had never heard of the opening band Good Old War before, but they ended up being awesome! Its only two guys and the amount of sound they can produce is amazing. I loved all their songs and they are both great performers, I really felt like they connected with the audience. The main singer is so painfully awkward that he comes full circle and is pretty entertaining. 10/10 for them.


Unfortunately there was a reeeaaally long break between the openers and Kodaline, which really brought the energy down {especially on a Monday}. Not going to lie I started to space out a little in the beginning of their performance, but once they started playing my favorite songs I came back. The real highlight was their encore. They came out and did an acoustic performance including the audience and interacting more. Overall they impressed me! But, I mean can you really go wrong with cute guys from Ireland singing cute love songs? {No, no you can’t}.

Highlights: Kodaline’s Encore; The guys from Good Old War in general

Lowlights: Long pauses; low energy in beginning; this weird smell that was ever-present {was it someone or something}.

xx- krystena