Spot On

Happy New Year everyone! Personally I started 2016 out on a high note and things have continued to get better and better! I’ve been hit with a new wave of inspiration and creativity and can’t wait to start putting all my new ideas out on the blog. The first thing I have been wanting to do is start a new segment on spots in San Diego that are my favorites. Living in a city with so much to offer, I’ve been trying to get out there and try new places. I’ve been grabbing my girls and eating/drinking/being merry at these tasty little gems! The first one on my list to share is Fig Tree Cafe. This is THE ideal brunch spot for the girls {or boys} on Sunday morning.

One of the most important things for a place to be Spot On for me is the atmosphere. I love going places where the creators put some effort in making a special place to spend time at. I mean who wants to sit around at a plain jane spot? {not me}. So what makes Fig Tree Cafe so special to me is their atmosphere. My personal favorite location is the Pacific Beach location. Vibes are on point. When you walk in you feel like you are in a hidden little jungle or maybe a tree house. The tables are all placed about among the trees and what makes it extra special is it is pet friendly, so bring your pup to lunch!




What’s on the menu? Breakfast foods, sandwiches, salads, coffees, and cocktails! I can personally speak to how amazing the man candy is. I mean who couldn’t use a little man candy in their life {amiright}. This is basically brown sugar coated bacon and if its even possible to get better they put this little bacony delight in a bloody mary {gasp}. So don’t miss out on this one. If you are feeling some pain from the night before I also recommend getting a flight of antioxidant shots, they’re amazing!

Foodwise I haven’t tried the lunch options, but I have not been disappointed with the breakfast! I loved the soy chorizo scramble, but also have gotten the California omelette and it was on point. Recommendations from friends include the huevos rancheros and breakfast sushi!


Hope you guys go out there and check this spot out if you haven’t already, it won’t disappoint!



xx – krystena


A case of the Blahs…

Do you ever just feel constantly tired? Maybe its the weather. Could it be the end of winter blues? I feel as though this week I have been in the most extreme of slumps. It could be the overwhelming amount of work I need to do or maybe its because I am in a never-ending routine of school. The promise of Spring, fun and happiness is just around the corner but still a little too far off. 

Sometimes I dont even have to motivation to put on an outfit besides workout clothes and forget about makeup. All I want to do is lay around, but then when I have the time to be lazy and sleep I can’t. 

What I need is a serious attitude adjustment. The power of positive thinking is unlike any other in lifting moods and becoming happier in general. So here is a little mid-week motivation of things that make me happy. Hopefully will get me out of this slump and if any of you are feeling a little uninspired lately I encourage you to find some things that you enjoy, either these pictures or some of your own. I hope this can help inspire change your thinking as well!

A beautiful beach 


My fluff ❤

Pretty & Yummy snack

Go get inspired!
xx – krystena