Band-Aid: Episode 1

So, for whatever reason the universe aligned and this week is full of AMAZING artists coming to San Diego. Since I am going to see so many great acts and music this week I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to share with everyone my thoughts on everything. First up was Monday night at the House of Blues. Kodaline headlined with Good Old War opening up. Overall it was a pretty good concert! If you haven’t heard of Kodaline before I highly recommend looking them up and listening to a few songs! {favorite songs: All I Want, High Hopes & Love Like This}.

Since it was a Monday night I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect crowd-wise. Luckily we got there early and had a good spot on the side of the stage where we could see. Since it was a Monday night it never got too crowded, but there was a fair about of teenage girls people there. I say this jokingly, but not really. Demographic there was definitely girls 16-20. They provided some great fashion inspiration, though! Everyone was dressed so cute for a concert it was almost like a little fashion show. Obviously here is where I mention my outfit. Concert-wear is always tricky, but since it was still 87 degrees outside I wore jeans and a white tank to be comfy and hide if I became a sweaty betty {y’all know how it is}.


Honestly I had never heard of the opening band Good Old War before, but they ended up being awesome! Its only two guys and the amount of sound they can produce is amazing. I loved all their songs and they are both great performers, I really felt like they connected with the audience. The main singer is so painfully awkward that he comes full circle and is pretty entertaining. 10/10 for them.


Unfortunately there was a reeeaaally long break between the openers and Kodaline, which really brought the energy down {especially on a Monday}. Not going to lie I started to space out a little in the beginning of their performance, but once they started playing my favorite songs I came back. The real highlight was their encore. They came out and did an acoustic performance including the audience and interacting more. Overall they impressed me! But, I mean can you really go wrong with cute guys from Ireland singing cute love songs? {No, no you can’t}.

Highlights: Kodaline’s Encore; The guys from Good Old War in general

Lowlights: Long pauses; low energy in beginning; this weird smell that was ever-present {was it someone or something}.

xx- krystena


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