A case of the Blahs…

Do you ever just feel constantly tired? Maybe its the weather. Could it be the end of winter blues? I feel as though this week I have been in the most extreme of slumps. It could be the overwhelming amount of work I need to do or maybe its because I am in a never-ending routine of school. The promise of Spring, fun and happiness is just around the corner but still a little too far off. 

Sometimes I dont even have to motivation to put on an outfit besides workout clothes and forget about makeup. All I want to do is lay around, but then when I have the time to be lazy and sleep I can’t. 

What I need is a serious attitude adjustment. The power of positive thinking is unlike any other in lifting moods and becoming happier in general. So here is a little mid-week motivation of things that make me happy. Hopefully will get me out of this slump and if any of you are feeling a little uninspired lately I encourage you to find some things that you enjoy, either these pictures or some of your own. I hope this can help inspire change your thinking as well!

A beautiful beach 


My fluff ❤

Pretty & Yummy snack

Go get inspired!
xx – krystena


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